About Us: Who We Are & What We Do

Freeman’s Hospitality Ltd is one of the biggest providers of bespoke hospitality in the world of motorsport today. We employ a large number of quality staff working worldwide almost every weekend of the sporting year & bring together the twin aims of any successful event; quality & quantity.

We provide a service that is professional, friendly, and efficient, but that still has a wary eye on the budget – the company's unique and transparent approach to budgeting gives the client total control.

The company has not only set the benchmark in the world of Motorsport hospitality and forged a gold-plated reputation in the crucible where sport meets business, we also provide quality hospitality for family functions and more intimate private events, with an additonal branch providing F1 garage floor painting services.

Whatever the challenge, Freeman’s Hospitality is ready to meet it and whatever the location we can provide:

  • Hospitality: Top quality dining (and don't forget the wine!).
  • Qualified Manpower: Qualified chefs and hostesses, with experienced motorhome operatives.
  • Logistics: We make sure you eat what you want, when you want, how you want.
  • Event management: We blend the needs of the client with top quality staff and specialist equipment including satellite telephones, television, internet connections and even have the connections to provide a motorhome or have one made especially for your needs.
  • Feelgood factor: We add that touch of glitter. We don't forget to make it all fun.

Teams pay for and have a right to expect the highest quality hospitality; this is what we do.