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To most people the word 'Hospitality' means simply a meal or drink in a pleasant environment. It is a simple concept, but an incredibly complex thing to achieve. The daily challenge in this environment is to give our clients, whether it is Formula One, British Touring Cars or Super Bike teams, their sponsors, guests or the drivers themselves, the kind of exceptional restaurant quality they expect but to produce this for hundreds or thousands of people every race weekend.

Motorsport Hospitality is an awesome and unique challenge and our task is an incredibly varied one too. When we go shopping for our supplies at each race we have to allow for our client's specific needs and also take care of the sponsors, their guests and the mechanics and engineers of the Motorsport world. There can be several nationalities, English, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish and so on, and we cater entirely & impeccably for all these differences; we're known to transport British Pork Sausages and Back Bacon so the F1 Team personnel can have a good old 'English Breakfast' whether they are at a drizzly Silverstone or steamy Sao Paulo circuit! It just means they start the day with a little slice of home, important when you spend so many weekends in foreign fields.

But producing and serving the food is the visible end of what we do. Like an Iceberg, there is a lot more going on below the surface. Not many restaurants have to transport themselves all round the globe and have to build their restaurant before firing up the Hob! Our Transport and Logistics team are experienced and an extraordinary element of our business.

Hospitality in Motorsport means very long days in the paddock. Our team is usually the first to arrive in the paddock; they open up the motorhome to have a hot breakfast or steaming cappuccino for the workforce when they arrive. At the end of the day after everyone is fed and watered, they head home sometimes after midnight and when you do that Wednesday to Sunday, you realise it's not a job for the faint hearted or star seekers!

From dawn til dusk